Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sorry Nashville, no Obama for you!

Showing exactly how colorblind the present administration ISN'T, Obama goes golfing while Nashville tries to begin recovery from the worst flooding in memory.  There's no benefit in him going there, so he's just going to blow it off.  If he can't exploit it, he'll ignore it.  Besides, it's just a bunch of redneck, white, hillbillies who won't vote for him anyway.....  I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that he doesn't like white people.

The funny part is the excuse pool that they are fishing from to explain WHY he can't show up in flyover country:  doesn't want to get in the way of the cleanup,  he's been briefed regularly, has to wash his hair, needs to work on his golf game, needs to practice his fiddling so he's set when Rome/DC burns.

Of course as someone pointed out in the comments on Gateway Pundit, it's actually better for Nashville for him not to show up since the logistics would put a strain on their already over-extended infrastructure.


Scott McCray said...

MC -

I know there's more of us out there that see the only "transparency" this administration has offered - it is indeed transparently obvious that anyone not likely to vote for his sorry a$$ simply doesn't matter. The list of folks that see through him grows, I can only hope it grows quickly enough.


Midwest Chick said...

Amen to that!!