Saturday, May 22, 2010

The return of the passive voice.....

Some guys in Concord, New Hampshire (three over eighteen) forcibly held down a fourteen year old boy and tattooed him with lewd phrases, took pictures and sent them all over the school, and now are under arrest.  One of the guys involved said "At this point, I feel absolutely terrible about what was done," a soft-spoken, respectful Wyman said when reached by telephone at his parents' Deerfield home. "It was a joke that went way too far and ended terribly."

Okay dude, it's not some random thing that just "was done".  You did it.  You held the kid down and you either were the tattooer (which is wicked illegal aside from the basic assault factor) or you were an active participant in the act.  Just like that Columbia professor, who, through his use of language, disassociated himself from the act of sucker-punching his coworker in the face.  But I've noticed that even the headlines, such as this try to whitewash the deed.  They didn't entice him to get a tattoo, they told him that they would stop teasing him and then held him down.

A think a big part of what is wrong with this country is that people don't own up to their deeds.  It takes honor and guts to do so.  To stand up and say "yep, I did it and I was wrong." takes a lot more than pushing it off on some nebulous 'it happened'.  It's a shame.

ETA:  Mark Steyn takes Obama to task for his use of the passive voice when signing the Daniel Pearl Freedom Act.   Read the whole thing. 

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