Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting personal--thugs mobbing bank employees houses

Just read an interesting article linked from Drudge (as fair warning, it's to HuffPo)....  The Chicago-based National People's Action, in cahoots with the infamous SEIU, have decided not to take things to the streets, but to take things to people's front doors. Not content with beating up men in wheelchairs, they've decided to take Obama's agenda  their protest to the houses of bank employees whose companies are opposing the financial reform presently making its way through congress to help secure the administration's economy destroying policies. 

So they bussed in 700 'workers' (side note here:  if they are workers, for whom are they working if they can take off time to go from Springfield, IL to Washington DC for a couple of days).  One of the 'workers' was someone who is complaining because the bank won't permenantly modify her home loan.  I'm thinking if she was actually, you know, working, instead of standing outside of some guy's house who probably couldn't locate Springfield on a map and has absolutely nothing to do with her personal financial travails then maybe she wouldn't be "within inches of losing her house" every other day.

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