Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party stuff

Mr. B and I attended a Tea Party on April 14 (you can see his blogposts here and here).  It was a good time and a good crowd.  But it lead to a rather interesting conversation with a friend of mine.  I was telling her about the Tea Party and such and she said something about 'teabaggers'. 

Well, I've known this woman since she was a girl (almost as long as I've known Mr. B) and I know that she would never knowingly use a pejorative term towards any group.  So I asked her if she knew the origins of the term as it relates to the Tea Party movement.  She was HORRIFIED when I gave her the details (Anderson Cooper and his denigration of the movement when it started) and I was not-terribly-thrilled to have to explain exactly what teabagging (the sex act) is to her.  I told her that most Tea Party Protesters would take umbrage at the use of the term teabagger (not knowing her the way I do) and she's now deleted that from her lexicon.

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