Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So tell me again HOW the MSM is not a propoganda tool for the government?

The Institute of Medicine came out with a report that recommends that the FDA should  create regulations--those things with the force of law that no one votes on--limiting the amount of salt that can be put into food  (sugar is next).  ABC last night ran a story on the horrible amounts of salt used in food and NPR ran a story this morning.  Both of those propaganda pieces are going to be followed up by stories on the evils of sugar.  What's interesting is that the stories (which echo each other) are all relating salt and sugar to 'wide-spread' health issues. 

Hmmmm... so we have this huge horrible bill regarding health care that passed despite the will of the citizens of the United States; we have the FDA being 'recommended' to regulate salt and sugar; AND we have news stories linking salt and sugar to a variety of  'health issues' based on schlock-science (please to see Climategate for science following a meme rather than a meme following science).   This equals a clusterfuck in the making (larger than any we've seen before).

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