Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Someone's finally showing some sense on Education

Gov. Mitch Daniels signed into law some new rules for folks wanting to teach 5-12 in Indiana.  The new rules state that people teaching in those grades must at least have a baccalaureate degree in the subject(s) that they are wanting to teach.  Prior to this, teachers only had to know HOW to teach and did not have to know anything about the subjects that they teach.  Of course colleges of education and teacher's unions had a collective apoplectic fit since it breaks their monopoly on the profession.


Sevesteen said...

I would need a lot more details than provided to know if this is a good idea, but my initial impression is that it is not. Does this mean that education degrees are useless now? Do those teachers have to be replaced, and would tenure force schools to keep them on the payroll? How close does a degree have to match the subject--can an engineer teach algebra? Can an accountant? What about vocational training? In my school, the 5th grade teacher taught Math, English, History, Science, Government--would that now require 5 separate degrees?

Midwest Chick said...

My understanding is that they have to have a bachelors in a content area with a minor in education and can then pass content-specific PRAXIS II examinations if they want to certify in other areas. Those already licensed are grandfathered in but would have some additional requirements when their license comes up for renewal.

An accountant can get an education minor and pass the content specific tests to become a teacher in a specific area or areas.

As you might have noticed in my previous postings, I think that colleges of education and the rules governing who can or can't become a teacher have ruined our K-12 system.

Also, middle school (generally 6-8 or 5-8) has changed to be more like high school with teachers being content-specific/related (History/Current Events/Econ) rather than an overall teacher of many subjects. But the middle school Praxis II tests are somewhat general.

Does that help a bit??--I just did a quick glance-over the new rules.