Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How low can you go?? (Personal rant)

Okay, as I posted before, a friend died last week.  His boss came in and said that my boss had volunteered me to write his obituary that would be sent out from the school.  I said that I hadn't volunteered but would do it anyway.  So I did.  And it was pretty good....

And that &*$CKING $&TCH plagarized my work and sent it out as hers.  Mr. B. said that maybe the final editors had done it (he's much more fair minded than I am), but since she hasn't come to my office yet with an explanation, which is what I would do, then I'm thinking she did it on purpose.  I don't want to be pissy over a memorial, but jeez louise, how low do you have to be, what kind of crawling WORM with absolutely no moral compass are you, to plararize someone's memorial words for a fantastic man??  So much for academic $*cking integrity.

Okay, had a friend do some checking and Mr. B. was right (as usual).  It was easy for me to assume the worst having been burnt by this person more than once and I was wrong in this case.

eta:  HOWEVER, it was pointed out to me that when the person sent it to the final editors, she did not bother atrributing those words to anyone else--it was assumed by the recipients that she wrote them because they were so "warm and heartfelt" and because there were no notes indicating anything else.  So Mr. B. is right AND the person in question is still a $^TCH.

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