Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back on my education soapbox

Mr. B. over at Middle of the Right sent me this link that he got via Insty.  It's an article from Inside Higher Ed (which I do try to read every couple of days) about how the Federal Department of Education sent out a 'guidebook' to accreditors that looks like it went above and beyond 'guiding' and was more towards the 'we're taking over' kind of vein. 

To give a bit of history, back in 2007 (yes, the Bush years) the Education Department was smacked down by Congress because they started to overstep by trying to implement regulations regarding how the accreditors assess their accreditees. (This is the creeping incrementalism of Big Government--regulations with the force of law that have never been reviewed or voted upon).

So now they sent out a draft 76 page "Guide to the Accrediting Agency Recognition Process" that seems to be trying to do the same thing, but in a sneaky, backdoor kind of way (no surprise since we're now in the Obama administration 'transparency' in government).  What's most interesting about this, is that whoever wrote it doesn't really seem to have a clear grasp on how higher education works in relation to what courses faculty members teach or faculty qualifications.  In the document, the guide wants faculty members to be at least one educational level above the courses that they teach (need a masters to teach BA/BS, need a PhD to teach Masters, etc.).  The only problem being that there isn't anything above a PhD, so how would anyone be qualified to teach doctoral level courses??

These are the people who want to control the country's educational system.   I still say that we need to scrap the lot of them--Education Department and Colleges of Education specifically, give control of education back to the states with an emphasis on local control, punt the unions (see the Gormogons for a GREAT blogpost on that issue), and actually start educating our students rather than controlling the message and working on their self-esteem.  That is the only way to begin our way back to excellence in education in this country.


Toaster 802 said...

Problem. What you propose to fix the system is there by design to degrade the system. And our children.

Might take a bit more than common sense to fix this issue. More like a JDAM.

Midwest Chick said...

Talking about degraded systems--have you seen the article about the president of the Detroit School Board?? He's functionally illiterate. They should put him up as the poster child for getting rid of teachers unions.

Ghettoputer said...

Thanks for the link to my post over at the Gormogons. I'm flattered. And the only thing that will clean up the education mess is to demonopolize education. Separate the funding stream from the institutions. Vouchers are a good start.

Midwest Chick said...

My pleasure--love your postings!