Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day musings....

I was doing a bit of research on Valentine's Day since it's a 'holiday' that I've never really understood or celebrated.  I always figured why? since it was the day of a massacre and none of the original saints named Valentine were associated with love (Chaucer made that connection between the holiday and love in the Middle Ages).  However, in Wikipedia-ing Valentine's Day, Lupercalia, the Roman holiday of fertility was mentioned.  It's interesting that the same Pope that established Valentine's Day also abolished Lupercalia.....  But Valentine's Day is not a Hallmark-created holiday--it's been around much longer than that, which I did not know.  Still don't celebrate it, but found some cool-ish factoids nonetheless.

As my homage to Chaucer's holiday, here's a link to some quotes about love.

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