Friday, February 19, 2010

Amy Bishop, nutjob extraordinaire

Apparently they found the 'missing' police reports at the Braintree, MA police station (they are here).  One of the things that's really chapping my butt about the reporting on this crime (and there are several things) is that they keep harping on the fact that she's a Harvard grad at a podunk little nowhere school that didn't want her (how DARE they) and that HAS to be (one of the) reasons that she snapped (see the CSM article here).  I had a similar missive come into my work inbox from a sociology prof.  None of this blathering takes into account the fact that she had killed her brother (as I said somewhere else, once is an accidental discharge, three times is murder) and had been investigated regarding a pipe bomb sent to a professor who criticized her thesis.

So now they are crawling all over themselves because one of the elites--an Ivy League grad--turns out to be a homicidal freak and they don't know how to handle it.  Per Tam (whose snark is strong on this issue) via Neanderpundit (equally strong in the snark), they are even thinking about the Dungeons and Dragons/Mazes and Monsters defense (well she played D&D back in the day so she shot three people 30 years later and it MUST be the game).  They will grasp at any straws to protect 'one of their own' just as she was protected 24 years ago when she planted three shots into her brother.

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