Thursday, January 7, 2010

Word of the day... conservative...

I still am listening to election ads from the People's Republic of Illinois in the morning on my way to work (BTW, never got to work today due to weather but had a LOVELY two hour sojourn on our Indiana state highways).  But it did give me a lot more time to listen to the radio.  Heard an ad from Mark Kirk for Senate.  Now Kirk is kind of interesting to me.  He voted for Cap and Trade because he apparently drank the Algore Climate Kool-Aid and I haven't heard if he now regrets that or if he's rethought his opinion--I'll find out.  The interesting part of his ad is that he says that he's a 'fiscal conservative'.  Again, with conservative.  I think that folks are realizing, especially Republicans, that RINOs will not fly--that's why they are having to put themselves out there specifically labeling themselves as Conservative--just being Republican doesn't mean that you are also conservative anymore, just as there are the 'Blue Dog' conservative Democrats.  The lines are blurring and the party doesn't have a meaning anymore as it used to relate to ideology.  It's truly an interesting paradigm shift and happened just over the course of two decades.

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