Friday, January 15, 2010

I can't (can) believe that the city of Chicago is actually doing it....

Back a few months ago--as a matter of fact, right before Chicago seriously tanked on their bid for the Olympics, there was a video showing a student being beaten to death by his schoolmates.  Apparently what it came down to was that they had closed one high school to make it a specialty school and so kids from rival neighborhoods/gangs were having to attend a single high school.  To get to this school they had to walk through 'hostile territory'. 

So Jesse Jackson came in and said that SOMEONE should PAY the parents to accompany/protect their kids to and from school.  Because, you know, a parent can't be a parent unless you pay them (of course they were paid by the state to have the kids--more kids= more money, they got money to support the kids, so maybe this isn't that much of a stretch).

So now apparently the city of Chicago is getting $60 million in federal dollars (our dollars, dear reader) to pay  'public citizen patrols' (who will also be acting as truancy officers, oh the irony).  (ht, Second City Cop)  What do you want to bet that the 'public citizen patrols' will be made up of all of those out-of-work parents who couldn't be bothered to get off their duffs to make sure that their children got to school without being beaten or shot at?

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Brigid said...

Why do I have a vision of Spongebob Squarepans as "Hall Moniter"