Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Again the joys of academia, the Realm of Censorship

Via Insty, there is an article in Reason entitled P.C. Never Died that talks about the censorship and indoctrination programs in place at our institutions (a more than apt term) of higher learning.  An except from this excellent snapshot by look at how college campuses squelch free speech and, more importantly, free thought:
"...With so many examples of censorship and administrative bullying, a generation of students is getting four years of dangerously wrongheaded lessons about both their own rights and the importance of respecting the rights of others. Diligently applying the lessons they are taught, students are increasingly turning on each other, and trying to silence fellow students who offend them. With schools bulldozing free speech in brazen defiance of legal precedent, and with authoritarian restrictions surrounding students from kindergarten through graduate school, how can we expect them to learn anything else?"
 Connect the dots between the above and how the MSM is calling the Tea Party movement a 'backlash against the educated class'.  Read this article that puts that issue in better perspective than I can.  The way I see it, the two issues I've mentioned are connected.  There is not a backlash against the 'educated class' whatever that it.  There is a backlash against a system that has created a bunch of self-serving, me-centric, bunch of special snowflake politicians who have been told that they know best and that their opinion is the only right one and that they have the right to put their ideas onto everyone else.

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