Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Demonizing law abiding citizens

On the heels of a discussion regarding the implications and issues surrounding an Indiana newspaper putting online a database of concealed carry permit holders (which BTW isn't the only one, the Journal News in New York does so as well under the guise of reporting on out of date records), comes this article from Bob Owens at Pajamas Media.

He discussed the Violence Policy Center's reports on violence perpetuated by concealed carry permit holders.  He notes that the VPC's reports does not limit itself to gun violence, but to beatings, etc.--violence committed without the use of a firearm.  He also notes that they have many facts wrong (like knowing when someone is dead or alive).  They also include legal actions (stand your ground) in their tallies.

RobertaX, in her comments (scroll down) on View from the Porch on this issue rightly noted that databases such as have been placed online are designed to stigmatize those who lawfully own and/or carry firearms.  Combine those media actions with a propoganda factory such as the VPC, then seems to be a real push to demonize and marginalize the Free Citizens of this country who value the Second Amendment and act accordingly.

edited to take out domestic violence and put in out of date records regarding the Journal New's database.

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