Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crossed wires at the Senate

I was reading Gateway Pundit's posting about the Tuesday Code Red Party at Claire McCaskill's St. Louis office today and in the article it mentioned that it's very difficult to get through to the Senator's office in DC.  Now when I was called Senator Evan Bayh's office in DC, I also ran into problems as well as 'telephone glitches' at his main office in Indianapolis and at three out of five of his satellite offices.  This is not the only outside mention of people trying to call their Senators and not being able to get through, not even to voice mail. 

Now the conspiracy theorist in me is suggesting that maybe it's deliberate--someone kiboshed the phone system so that no one can communicate directly with their Senators.  The other part of my brain logically replies that they are getting inundated with so many phone calls against the health care bill and cap and trade that their system has been overwhelmed.  I dunno......

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