Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yeah, that'll help! When in doubt, punch your opponent out...

Via Drudge, there is a report from Columbia University where a 'prominant' black (male) professor of architecture punched a white female co-worker in the face at a Harlem bar.  Apparently the professor, Lionel McIntyre, got overwrought about what he referred to as 'white privilege' and he apparently felt that the two white folks with whom he was speaking were not personally doing enough to remedy it so first he pushed then sucker-punched Camille Davis right in the face.  Per the report, the two had 'squabbled' about race relations in the past (but yet they kept hanging out with each other).

Read this from When Falls the Coliseum.  He points out something that was bothering me but that I didn't really notice:  the language that the professor used regarding the incident was all passive voice.  This indicates that he was not responsible for his actions, that his fist just happened to leap up and punch someone in the face without his cognition.  This is a symptom of the victimhood mentality--that people are not responsible for themselves or their actions.  Gives an interesting context to the whole thing.

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