Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notes from The American Spectator

I've blogged a lot on the subject of the utter disdain the Obama administration has shown as far as foreign policy (the Reset button that wasn't, the Brown incident, etc.) but Andrew Cline over at The American Spectator really sums up many of these debacles into one very good article.  The title, American Buffoonery, says it all (ht Insty).  His final paragraph:

Obama might be cultivating world opinion by insulting his own country in speech after speech and undermining its interests with his foreign policy, but the joke is on him. For his transparent disdain for other world leaders and customs is making him every bit the image of the buffoonish American president he tries so hard to convince the world he is not.

No matter the spin that the White House tries to put on these things, the American public as well as the world are starting to see what an idiot, both social and political, this man is.  The blinders are starting to come off, which is a very good thing.

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