Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The cluelessness on both sides of the aisle

I was reading more about the NY23 race since Scozzafava dropped out and it led me to a different track on my usual train of thought.  With the health care bill, everyone is talking about 'sticking with the party' and obeying party leadership.  Problem being that party affiliation has become more important to the supposed representatives than their constituents. 

What the parties don't realize, and what became crystal clear in New York, is that the American People are becoming more interested in the position of the person on the liberal/conservative scale than they are with whatever party with which they happen to be affiliated.  Newt and company came away with egg on their collective faces because they just thought that people would vote for a Republican--even one that is so far out on the left that she's fallen off the bell curve.  Iowans are now starting to realize that the Democrat Obama Kool-Aid they drank is destined to give them heartburn.

Personal ideology is going to be the factor in the next elections, not party affiliation.  With the groundswell of sentiment towards cleaning out both the House and the Senate in the next elections, I think that the old chestnut regarding third party candidates splitting votes is going to go the way of the dodo since I think that people are tired of both parties.

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