Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catching up!

I've been slammed at work and my laptop screen took a powder on me so blogging has been slow.  That doesn't mean that I haven't been listening to and reading the news (although I've been avoiding NPR).  This week has been chock full of things that really make me step back and take a look at my philosophies and ideas (but then some things I've seen are no-brainers so let's start with those).

On the list of things that are painfully obvious to me:

I hope the health care bill dies a quick death before any American does because of it.  They say (and from their lips to God's ear) that they will never come up with enough votes in the Senate to pass it since there seems to be some folks who are actually realizing that the American public doesn't want this, no matter what Pelosi and company want to ram down our collective throats.  Those presently in power are starting to understand that their positions are in jeopardy and are maybe starting (some of them) to actually represent the will of the people, rather than the will of the Democrat leadership.  Those that don't are going to lose their ride on the gravy train.

I hope that the backlash from Kelo and Pfizer's subsequent backing out of that mess goes straight into the hearts of those justices who ruled against the rights of individuals to own and maintain their property and instead allowed the government to seize private property and give it to another private entity "for the public good".  I know that many states took steps after that ruling to ensure that it could not happen in many places, but not all of them did.

Although I know that 'V' the series (redone for the 21st century crowd and lacking Marc Singer and his amazing abs) was in the works before the present administration, I hope that more folks begin to see the parallels between the aliens and our present administration and start to take action before we end up down Obama's and Pelosi's gullets.

Obama's treatment and attitude towards the Fort Hood massacre absolutely sickens me.  He has shown through actions, his utter contempt for our military and has shown himself unfit to be the Commander in Chief of our armed forces.  Neither he, nor his scriptwriters, have any concept or clue about honor, respect, loyalty, or patriotism.  There is not enough honey on his tongue to counteract what his actions have shown the world.  The fact that he still gave a gala event that night instead of going to Fort Hood tells the whole tale.

Additionally, he was not above using the Berlin Wall when he was trying to become the second JFK, but the true meaning of the wall coming down naturally eludes him since he stands for subjugation, not freedom and so the celebration means nothing to him.  Putz.

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