Monday, November 30, 2009

Alright, I'm finally going to blog about Climate-Gate from a researcher's point of view

B was way ahead of the curve on this one--I think he beat out Reynolds at Instapundit by several hours.  I'm not going to blog about the science or anything but about my disgust at these people as a researcher.  I've been in academia as a researcher for almost fourteen years and was a researcher/analyst in other fields for six years before that.  So I've got about twenty years which I think gives me some gravitas on this issue and I have to say that I'm completely appalled at these so-called scientists and researchers. 

I was told from the very beginning of my career that data is what it is, that bad data in equals bad data out, that you can't go in with an agenda otherwise it is going to skew your findings.  These little tidbits were apparently forgetten by these guys in their zeal to get more and more funding--many other people have said it and I'll echo it, there's no money if there's no crisis.  I'm going to take it a bit further than the money issue though. 

So think about it.....  what mad scientist doesn't want to take over the world?  And this is what these folks have done.  Through their fudging of data, use of buggy and irreparable computer programs, shouting down of dissenting opinion, they have shaped the public policy and economies of those countries who are stupid enough to buy in to their wailings about the end of the world.  They are meeting in Copenhagen in a few days and the US, via Obama will probably sign on to this mess, even in light of the fact that these cheeseballs are basing everything on faulty science.  The best to be hoped for is that cap and trade will die now, but I remain skeptical.

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