Monday, October 5, 2009

Some interesting ideas over at American Thinking

American Thinker has several VERY good articles (as always) but here's a few that caught my eye. The first one, by Greg Lewis, discusses Obama's 'beta-male' behavior and how his mannerisms show the homo sapiens version of canid submissive behavior. As a person raised around chows and at dog shows a lot, I found this article to be insightful since I often use those terms when talking about others' behavior.

The second one, by Marc Shepard, discusses the UN's duplicity in deliberately creating a crisis regarding global warming. It should have been entitled "A Real Inconvenient Truth for Those Whose Living is Made from the Artificial Crisis". While it's difficult to pin down exactly WHY the UN wished to cause an artificial crisis, cause it they did. Their fake and faulty science has affected the world economy in an extremely negative way. As a body, the UN should be disbanded. They have become second only to Chicago and Illinois in their cover-ups, corruption, and uselessness. It is also a drain on the economy of NYC as well as the United States since we fund most of their useless initiatives. Imagine if all of that money was funneled back into the US Economy--we could tell China to collectively (pun intended) bugger off.

Lastly, in their blog section, Rick Moran blogs news via Caucus Blog about how the administration may just be (re)considering their point of view and may possibly be thinking about offering tax cuts instead of tax increases to small business in order to stimulate the economy. While he doubts that doing the right thing to actually stimulate the economy will fly (I concur) since the liberal Democrats would all have their heads explode a la the movie Scanners (I thought about putting a youtube clip for this but it really is gross), it is painting Obama into a corner of his own socialist making, which bodes well for mid-term elections for the conservatives.

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