Thursday, October 15, 2009

So the only television show I can watch next week is.....

Stargate-Universe! Fortunately SyFy is one of the networks not assimilated into the Obama administration's "service and volunteerism" campaign next week. Big Hollywood (h.t. Drudge) has a list of shows that are participating in this media blitz (subversive campaign) that is designed to " 'organically' create and produce as many shows as possible about service and volunteerism".

Is it really organic, if one is given specific talking points to include in these tags, scripts, and spots? I'm really upset that NCIS is devoting its entire script to this brainwashing scheme. The CW has committed to something called 'I Pledge'. If it's the scary Demi Moore video then I'll forgo any CW programming, maybe forever. Read all three parts of Big Hollywood's report.

Glad we invested in the IPOD since it's going to be all music, all the time, next week. I'll also cancel my DVD settings for next week's programming.

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