Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conservatives in Academia...

Being in academe myself, I read this article by Ron Lipsman on American Thinker and nodded like a bobble-head doll the whole time. Below is his final observation but you should read the whole thing if you want to gain some insight into the groupthink that is higher education culture in the United States. I was particularly struck by his litany on the 'race/sex diversity=excellence' meme that has permeated and taken over post-secondary education.

He didn't go quite as far as to blame the higher education system for the liberal hegemony that has become part of the media, educational system etc. but he should have since it is the font from which this tripe flows. I think he also over-values the checks that are put on liberal thought outside of academia.

He writes:

3. My final observation is the following. The liberal hegemony exists in many quarters of the country beside academia -- e.g., the mainstream media, major foundations, law schools and the trail lawyers they produce, public school teachers, the Democratic Party, even big corporations. But none of these can maintain the atmosphere as effortlessly as campus profs and administrators. Politicians encounter opposition from their constituents; the media from its readers, listeners and viewers; trail lawyers from their clients; and corporations from their stockholders and consumers. But the educational establishment-both higher and lower-encounters little resistance. The students are ignorant, the parents are cowed, and Boards of Regents are cowardly. The ivory tower is alive and well in America and the intellectual product it presents is completely one-sided. What a tragedy for our nation and especially for its youth.

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