Thursday, October 15, 2009

A city is a victim??

Why is New Orleans still referred to as the hurricane-torn city, the city ravaged by Katrina, etc.?? Any other city in the WORLD has to be out of the victim stage after FOUR FRICKIN' years. If the residents can't pull their heads out of their collective butts within four years, tear it down and start again. What put this all in the news is Obama is making a trip there so people can bitch and moan about how hard life is in a city that has done nothing but collectively whine for four years.

Of course Obama is not visiting Mississippi, which was ACTUALLY hit by the hurricane. They don't whine, just cleaned up and got back to business as usual so they're not newsworthy.

eta: He hasn't even visited New Orleans yet and the residents are complaining because he's only going to be there for four hours and because he waited nine months before visiting. The only point they might have is the use of an immense amount of taxpayer dollars for what is essentially a day trip/photo op.

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