Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yeah, what they said....

Hamilton, Madison, and Jay have a new posting up today that juxtaposes nicely with my thoughts about the attitude of the administration towards us poor, non-Harvard-educated, unwashed masses. They note that the government is now going on tour to indoctrinate our children into drinking the climate-change Kool-Aid. If part of their road-show includes the "I Pledge" video, my moral compass might start pointing a different direction.

HMJ further note, via an Inspector General report on the DOE, the utter hypocrisy in what's being said by those officials as well as the DOE's continued idiocy regarding climate change (I'm guessing that the Energy department folks haven't read the most up-to-date articles saying that global warming is a myth--for goodness' sake, even Gore has abandoned that particular bandwagon).

Take a look--problem being that my blood boiling may well cause global warming on its own.

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