Monday, September 28, 2009

FINALLY! Someone taking some responsibility for their actions!!

I saw this via Gateway Pundit.... A drunk guy was turned away from a Veterans of Foreign Wars post and, being a pissed-off drunk guy, he decided to burn the flag outside the post. So the guys inside, taking umbrage at this act, decided that he had three choices: he could be turned over to the police for destruction of property, he could go one-on-one with a seasoned (pissed off) veteran, or he could be duct-taped to the flag pole for six hours with a sign stating his crime.

The guy in question chose the prize behind door number 3 and was duct-taped to the flag pole for the requisite period of time.

What many of the stories I've read about this incident seem to miss is that he actually manned-up and took his lumps for being a jackass. He actually took responsibility for his actions!! Simply frickin' amazing in this day and time--you would normally expect whining and lawsuits. But it seems that no one is talking to the outside press nor is there any indication of lawsuits, and the local community is minding their own business and is basically telling the outside world to mind theirs.

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