Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Voting with your feet

From CBS news (via Instapundit): Thousands of seniors are quitting the AARP over the its health care reform stance. What has happened is that people, recognizing that the organization is not representing their wishes and ideals, are voting with their feet and are cutting ties to that organization. On a different scale, the Tea Party protests and the gatherings at various representative's offices during their August break, show that the American people, also recognizing that their so-called representatives are not actually representing their wishes and ideals, are also voting with their feet.

They are taking time off of work, are driving themselves to these places, and are letting those folks know that they are not happy. Taxpayers haven't reached the point where they will not pay their dues to show their displeasure with the federal government the way that the AARP members have been able to, but I have a feeling that it's the next step. The government cannot spend what it does not have. If people start not paying taxes then the government (after trying to arrest the lot of us and take our belongings) will begin to realize that they cannot continue in this direction.

Since the citizens of this great country don't want to leave, we are going to have to use our feet to kick the butts of the federal government until they start listening to us.

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