Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Amateur Hour

I've been channeling my energies in different directions, hence the wickedly light blogging lately. But this piece, which had been riding just the edge of my awareness, smacked me in the face this morning. It details Hillary Clinton's meltdown over a possibly misinterpreted question about China where the question was interpreted as "What does MR. Clinton think about it?" (emphasis mine) Now it was later explained that the student meant Mr. Obama, but even if he meant Bill, it would still be a legitimate question since he WAS President of the United States and might still have opinions.

For Hillary to automatically take it as an affront to her position makes her look like a piker and in general makes a bad case for women in positions of power (as a woman, I'm embarrassed), especially since this isn't the first time she's taken a punt while doing her job (the "Reset" button incident, anyone?). I don't want to contemplate her and Bill's interpersonal issues that might have led to such an outburst.

And, ironically enough, she's heading to Liberia to give a lesson to the female leader there a lesson on women's rights and power when she's been acting like a stereotypical.... I'm not sure I can bring myself to write it... okay I'll just say it.... woman going through 'The Change'. The only thing I have to say about the previous sentence is that sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.

I don't think Condi Rice ever lost her cool in such a public way...... nor did she make such beginner's mistakes during her time as Secretary of State.

eta: NO ONE in positions of power, especially those who purport to represent the citizens of the United States of America, can afford the luxury of emotions, such as those displayed by Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Clinton, and many of the Congressmen, when confronted with something that they feel is unpleasant or that they feel questions their authority.

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