Monday, July 13, 2009

Understatement, thy name is Academe

Got an email this morning on my work account. One of my coworkers sent an email saying that their laptop was "missing" from their office. This is the third laptop to 'go missing' in the last three months. Is there a particular reason WHY they can't say that some dirty dog, probably one of the weekend cleaning crew, STOLE the frickin' laptops out of locked offices, in locked buildings, over the weekend?!?!?!?!?

My boss, who is a very nice lady from a foreign country (not American born) thinks that the thefts are justified because the 'workers are so oppressed and underpaid' so that gives them license to take our stuff. These are the same workers, who I don't think have swept my floor since I got my new office nine months ago, who have been seen playing football up and down the hall blasting the tvs that are used for news and business during the week, and stealing candy bars for different clubs' fundraisers. I should be so oppressed.

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