Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's getting closer...

My partner has reiterated, when speaking about fashion, that if all of a sudden, showing one's left breast became fashionable, most (he used to say all) women would begin wearing tops that kept the left breast exposed. Well, we're getting closer to that.... I just saw that shaving off one's eyebrows completely off is becoming the new avante-garde look.

Now I thought it was freaky enough when I was a child that one of the neighborhood mothers plucked her eyebrows out and then penciled them back on. I know that in China and I think Japan, it used to be a sign of beauty to have a face like an egg, completely devoid of hair. I believe the article also mentions Queen Elizabeth the First who had a breakdown and completely removed all of her hair (at least the hair that could be seen, I'm not so much of a historian that I can speak to the rest).

I'm not mentioning this because I give a rat's half-eaten ass about fashion or trends. The connection that I made is the one in the socialist handbook wherein the populace is continuously distracted by the bizarre and where things are made to move so quickly that people are kept in sensory overload. In a world where men are being gelded by society (please see this article at American Thinker) and women are also made to look androgenous, where children are now 'choosing their gender', there is a spiral downward in our society as a whole. As with raising children, there needs to be context, there needs to be stability, there needs to be some sort of boundary. Our world and society are ceasing to provide any kind of structure and chaos is the result.

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