Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.....

From American Thinker, Pamela Geller writes about her quest to honor the victim of an 'honor' killing in Canada. She talks about the obstacles that she encountered trying to find a way to remember Aqsa Parvez, a girl whose family didn't want her remembered because she had 'dishonored' them by not wearing a piece of cloth on her head. Ms. Geller describes the father lurking around Aqsa's school trying to catch her in the act of not wearing the hijab or (gasp) talking to other students who may well be boys. She details the problems that she had trying to find a place as a memorial for Aqsa since many of the Canadian facilities she contacted wouldn't help her due to fear of backlash from the Muslim community. At the end of the article, she details the marble bench and park that are going to be dedicated to Aqsa Parvez--she will be remembered.

In contrast, universities in India are banning girls from wearing jeans in order to keep them from being harassed by male students.

The creeping (and creepy) acceptance of such things in a modern culture truly make me fear for the future. I'm not a screaming feminist but things like the above make my blood boil. The fact that Aqsa's father had nothing better to do than follow his daughter around and check on her behavior is indicative of the 5th grade mindset of strict Islamists. And now in India, they are planning on expelling women for wearing clothes that they feel are 'too revealing'.

Now, for myself, I've taken it as a complement when guys yell and whistle--I'll answer them back with a bow and a wiggle. If I feel it's gone too far, I'll answer back with a raised middle finger and if someone is touching me and I don't want them to, the offending digits will be removed forcibly. But I live in a country where I can do these things. If a woman in India or a Muslim country would answer back (in either case) the way that I would react then she could be whipped or stoned. Canada, England, Norway (not so much France anymore) are allowing free Western cultures to be co-opted and replaced by archaic and backward thinking. Unfortunately the women in those countries will be the first to pay the price.

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