Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joining the meme....

Bookworm is trying to start a "Boycott ABC" meme over at her place. This is in response to ABC taking their place as a state-run propaganda organization on June 24. We don't watch ABC very often anyway and once the IPOD came into our lives, we don't watch TV nearly as often either--good music and blog reading are a fine substitute to the 'idiot box' which, by the actions of ABC, is getting more idiotic by the day.

All of the mainstream media news organizations are disqualifying themselves from my possible viewing one by one. Can't stand CBS and Katie Couric after both the Couric interview with Sarah Palin and their morning-show 'interview' with the woman who owns the consignment shop where Ms. Palin bought a lot of her clothes (that was the last straw). Can't stand CNN after the Chicago Tea Party kerfluffle. MSNBC is a freakin' joke with Chris Matthews and his thrilling tingles and some of that bleeds over to NBC proper. Guess if I'm going to watch news on TV, it'll be Fox or I'll just read my favorite blogs instead.

All that said, I'm more than willing to join the boycott and will pop off a few phone calls to ABC and a couple of their advertisers (ABC is owned by Disney so maybe a call there too).

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