Friday, June 5, 2009

Does ANYONE think this could really help??

There is talk of sending ALGORE to North Korea to negotiate for the release of the two reporters who 'accidentally' crossed the border and got caught. I know people who have been to South Korea and there is no 'accidental' crossing into North Korea--the border is pretty well marked. The machine guns, walls, fences, military personnel, and that little thing called the DMZ might have given it away.

Okay, before I sound like a heartless hag, I'm sorry that they were stupid enough to get caught and I'm sorry they were stupid enough to think that being reporters for ALGORE's TV channel would be enough to shield them from any consequences. Okay, so maybe I do sound like a heartless hag but I just can't stand stupidity such as this.

Michael Yon and others go in with eyes wide open and no net--they won't count on anyone getting their hash out of a fire that they get themselves into.

Back to the topic at hand though... How can anyone, with any modicum of sense, think that sending ALGORE to North Korea will do anything?? Once he starts berating them for not recycling and lack of use of solar power, things will only go downhill from there, although he might given them credit for developing alternative energy sources, like NUCLEAR.

Or else he'll go in promising ANYTHING just so he can get those two reporters back. Need more nuclear material so you can tweak your bombs? Sure!; need more rocket fuel so your missiles can go longer-range? No problem! Maybe he'll promise Kim Jung-Il a ride on his houseboat...

ETA: Per B's comments, they went in through China. My bad. BUT, I can't believe that they accidentally strolled in. There would have to be some kind of signage, troops, etc. since I don't believe that China and North Korea have an open border. Another thing, if ALGORE goes in to negotiate, his 'gravitas' comes from his former position as the Vice President of the United States. If he goes in wearing that hat, he could make things MUCH worse for the country and for his employees.

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B said...

THey crossed into NK via China, not SK.

Just FYI