Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Carry or Not to Carry, That is the Question.....

One of the blogs that I read on a fairly regular basis, Hecate's Crossroad, had a story about a former Green Beret and his wife in Loudoun, VA who were attacked in their peaceful upper middle class neighborhood. The husband is dead and the wife is in critical condition. He had a carry permit but was not carrying--I guess figuring that a stroll or walk in one's neighborhood made it unnecessary. She makes a point that I think bears repeating although I hear it often enough in my home:

"Does carrying a gun all the time mean I'm paranoid? No, it means I'm prepared. I pay my insurance premiums, wear my seat belt, and carry my gun. No difference."

She also has a link to "why I don't carry a gun". This lists the reasons that anti-carry folks would give and answers them back. Worth a read, but definitely from the female standpoint.

In answer to the title of this posting, there is no question--to carry is the answer.

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