Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going to hell in a handbasket

It's been a while since I've posted. I think maybe I've gone into information overload. Firstly there have been more foreign policy SNAFUs, this time in Mexico. C'mon, I'm definitely not Catholic, but I even knew the provenance of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It's the little things that count when we're talking foreign policy. Just like finding a good translator, knowing the important points of a place BEFORE you go is crucial. And with the entourage that most of these folks have, there is no reason in the world, that SOMEONE couldn't Google, Yahoo search, or Ask! about Our Lady.

And now we have the President going abroad. I really can't think that he'll do any better than Hillary when it comes down to it--they've got the same people giving them advice. And he's going to be extremely surprised that the folks who LAUDED his run for President are going to drastically change their collective tunes now that he actually IS President. I do find it interesting that many European countries are realizing that bailouts are actually detrimental to any financial recovery process and are rejecting out of hand any pressure to continue the bailout process on their home soil.

How will a narcissistic personality such as Obama handle the other world leaders' changes of heart?? My fear is that it will be with a reaction like a small child having a sweet taken away. Tantrums are bad enough but if the one throwing the tantrum also has their finger on the button of some very large weapons, it's exponentially worse.

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