Friday, November 20, 2020

Lack of logic and delusions

 Covid positive tests are spiking throughout the world.  It doesn't matter if they were locked down, not locked down, masked, unmasked, socially distant or not.  It's because it's a frickin' virus and it's in the open.  It was too late before it was identified.  After a year, we're pretty sure who is in the 0.4% population at risk of dying.  Anyone with a brain should be able to understand that all of these control methods are as useful as taking off your shoes before boarding a plane.

I don't know anyone who says that those first two weeks were not a good idea.  But now we're eight months later and our lives are still being controlled through malice or through misguided good intentions using the magical word 'science' as their hammer.

Of course the science has been corrupted and dissent or other science is being crushed, deplatformed, or derided.  The ruling elites are flat out ignoring the rules that they are putting into place for the rest of the world.  In Indiana, members of the state legislature are exempt from governor mandates due to the separation of powers.

When does it end?

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