Saturday, November 21, 2020

But I want to know if they were wearing masks (no, really I don't)

 So, in Michigan, home of the Gila Monster that is Witless Whitmer, gonorrhea cases are on the rise.  The link is from Red State and the puns in the article are almost as good as the ones I could come up with.  Because I have a 12 year old's sense of humor.  The article did not mention if folks with the clap also tested positive for the Wuhan.  Maybe they were all wearing masks.

But, part of the... ahem... rise in this particular STD might be attributed to the lack of testing--no way to be tested, and actual tests are hard to come by.  Part of the issue might be that sex clubs were deemed to be essential and churches were not.  Maybe it's because Fauci said that hookups via Tinder, etc. are okay because it's okay to take a chance if you're having sex with a stranger, but it's not okay to take a chance having dinner with family at Thanksgiving.

I'm pretty sure that cases of STDs, HIV, etc. are going to skyrocket as soon as folks start getting vaccinated against the Wu-Flu.

This song seemed appropriate for today's posting....  Fire Down Below


Unknown said...

I live in Michigan, and the Empress of Lansing is directly responsible for the increase of any and all STD that comes around. Because it is because of her minions who are " just following orders" to fuck all of the states citizens, and of course, that is how gonorrhea and syphillus and those other horrible horribles are spread.
There is actually a petition going around for the impeachment of that follower of the left. I signed the petition forcing her to stop with her edicts under the umbrella of the federal legal system, which the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against her, and forced her to use other tactics, namely the Michigan Dept. of Health to find some workaround, which the legislature, Republican in nature, is fighting with her on, tooth and nail.
The problem with signing an impeachment petition is that once you start down that road, it is hard to stop, and once the other side gets a chance to do the same, you will find that it becomes the status quo, of impeachment, with no real government action being done, when while normally that would be a good thing, sometimes there are things that simply must be addressed, and starting a turf war, instead of using the election system, is a poor tactic to implement change. Whitless has only 2 years left, before facing reelection, and you can bet that I will be working to get rid of her, the right way, via the vote box.


Midwest Chick said...

Good points. At a certain time though if she keeps repeating actions that she's been told by the courts are not constitutional then I think it's legit for an impeachment. Hopefully y'all will get it together and vote her out.