Thursday, October 15, 2020

More evidence that masks don't work

The aptly named Dr Box, the gynecologist that is the head of the Indiana Dept of Health has tested positive for the 'Rona.  Her family, the governor, and some of her staff are now testing vigorously and are quarantining.  It was hilarious to watch the weekly update of everyone in empty rooms wearing masks. The B team was also working the tech with a bunch of outages, sound issues, and delays.

All that said, Dr Box is as bad as Fauci pushing the mask agenda.  Blaming non-compliance for the uptick in cases in Indiana instead of maybe blaming overzealous compliance.  Considering the latest reports that show that folks wearing masks are MORE likely to contract the Wuhan and that cloth masks are more likely to aerosolize the droplets that carry it, face-diapers are likely exacerbating the issue.  

So how could a woman, who I am sure is as stick-up-her-ass about this come down with this??  

I'm blaming the fact that she's probably wearing her mask 24-7.

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