Wednesday, January 13, 2016

That noise coming out of congressmen's base....

That 'noise' would be the opinions of the constituents and Congress' job is to listen to them.  I'm usually not masochistic enough to listen to the State of the Union, but Mr B turned it on.

My takeaways:

He just handed Biden his Golden Parachute by putting him in charge of curing cancer?!?
He would like to revamp our entire electoral process.  He wants people voting, but doesn't want any citizenship verifications.  Makes it easier to gin everything up.
He is still using those funny pronunciations.

He came really close to just declaring himself and Congress as the rulers of the country.  Pretty sure he'd like to.

Bottom line:
Dude doesn't have a clue.  Talking about how we don't get attacked directly when Iran just took 10 of our sailors prisoner today.
Loves the word 'unarmed'.

The way he finished up, I kind of expected a rock star "Thank you DC". 

Really glad this was the last one.