Monday, January 4, 2016

High point of the day....

So I'm not sure what this exactly says about my job when the high point of my day was crafting and sending an email that used the word 'poop' in it, legitimately.  Our computer system has a Guest request option.  It asks for the relationship to the requestor as well as the name, address, and email address of the person for whom access is being requested.

Apparently the requestor was having a bad day or was resentful of having to make the request because the relationship was listed as 'poop', the first name was 'poop' and, much to no-one's surprise, the last name was also given as 'poop'.  The address and email address looked okay though.

My response, when the request was forwarded to me:

We are in receipt of the below request for Guest Access.  Please note that we do not have 'poop' as an option for a relationship to create in the system. 

We will need to  contact the person via the email provided to confirm that their first and last names are 'poop' to ensure that our records are accurate for federal and state reporting purposes.

I have cc'd XXXXXXX on this email to help guide you through the access process and what data our office needs to successfully create these linkages in the system.

Best Regards,

I did take an inordinate amount of glee in writing this, besides, anytime a person gets to use the word poop, especially in an official capacity, ya gotta laugh....

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