Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gun Show, Fun Show

As Mr B said, the Indy 1500 gun show was packed.  I don't think we've ever been there with the line going around the corner like that.  I picked up a few things that I caught my fancy--a new Gun Toten Mamas purse from Hiding Hilda.  Even if I don't carry in the bag, the one I got is a good organizer bag and it gives me a carry option.  Extended some credit to a young friend who came with us so she could get a bullet ring there too--she'll hand me $5/week for 7 weeks to pay me back, and I will hold her to it.  

Giving kudos to Hiding Hilda's husband--he went out and walked the line of folks waiting to get in, handing out cards to the women in the group and giving their location in the building.  I probably would have walked past them otherwise once I got in.

Saw Brad of Brad's Knives--he was selling like crazy.  Picked up a Hogue Elishewitz from him since the house has eaten one of my Benchmade mini-barrages as well as my first gen Emissary (pretty sure we have gremlins).  I'll have to change the pocket clip around for tip-up carry, but at least it can be done on this one.

Saw Tam for a few minutes.  Sounds like from the comment she left over at Mr Bs that she had a good day.  Think she was just enjoying watching the world go by as much as selling.

Michael Williamson was also there--had an interesting collection of stuff from WWII as well as some of his books.  Mr B bought Freehold for another friend that made the trip with us.  Michael promised some more books now that he has time to write because he's been banned from Facebook... again.  I lost track at around banning number 12, but he says he's over 30 bannings at this point. Not seeing that being banned from Facebook is necessarily a negative thing--knowing your enemies is always a good thing.

Had lunch at Claddagh Pub before hitting the road for home.  All in all, a nice day!


Old NFO said...

Once I get settled in down here, and it warms up, I'll have to make it up there for a blog meet/fun show! :-)

Monkeywrangler said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I haven't been to a 'big' fun show, where I had a good time, for ages. One of these days, I suppose I will have to go up to Wanenmachers in Oklahoma again. That is one HUGE fun show! Over 11 ACRES of tables, yep, 11 acres!

Midwest Chick said...

NFO: Sounds like a plan! The 1500 happens every thre-four months or so.

Monkey: I think I've only bought a gun once at a gun show. It's knives and gewgaws the whole way. I think 11 acres of tables would be a LOT of fun! :-)