Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An executive order is not a law

The complicit press once again is in cahoots--the liberals' modus operandi of changing the definition of a word (started with Bill Clinton and the meaning of 'is', I think) is happening yet again.  I read that Obama is confident that his new 'gun laws' won't violate the 2nd Amendment.

Well, since anything he does without Congress is an Executive Order and not a Law, then technically he's right.  However, his Executive Orders probably will violate the 2nd Amendment.  Unfortunately Regulations created in response to his Executive Orders will also violate the 2nd Amendment as well. The devil is going to be in the details, just like the EPA, overreach because Solyndra contracts. Weasel wording at its finest.  And the press is echoing whatever he says.

Kind of like Representatives and Senators being told that they are supposed to govern, rather than represent the Will of the People.  No wonder things in DC have gone to 'poop'.

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