Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Affecting Middle America through 'Special Investigations'

So the CBS Nightly news has been doing 'exposes' on charities who seem to be funding themselves more than helping the folks they are supposed to be.  Tonight's target was the Wounded Warrior Project whose administrative costs are along the lines of 95%, and only 5% going to the wounded warriors.  This was pretty common knowledge, I think and was covered by a CBS affiliate in April of 2015 so it's not like this was news-news.

On CBS This Morning yesterday, was a story about PACs scamming donors.  The PAC they investigated was called the Conservative StrikeForce. 

Okay, these stories are true.  That said, I'm wondering when they are going to start hitting some Liberal charities and PACs.  Let's just say I am skeptical that they will do so.

Honestly, I think that this is an effort to undermine Middle America's confidence in their charities and, most especially, in giving money to conservative causes and political action committees.  The mainstream media is wanting to dry up funds to conservative causes to make it easier for their candidates and causes.

Yes, I do feel like I need to put my tin foil hat on....  almost.  But I don't think I am wrong.


Monkeywrangler said...

The lib media is doing us a favor. They are pointing out charities and pacs that are wasting our money.
By NOT investigating liberal charities and pacs, the lib donors don't know who is scamming them and wasting their money!

Monkeywrangler said...
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Old NFO said...

Monkey is right, and WWP was already on our s-list for at least two years... Sigh

JoeMama said...

I was stunned when I was looking at one of the charity rating websites. They rated Southern Poverty Law Center as five star.

The rational they gave for rating it significantly higher than several other "religious" charities is that the SPLC had seven years of donations banked while the religious charities had two weeks cash on hand.

It sounded to me like the SPLC was far more worried about making payroll than in helping people. But that is just me.

The take home is that we abdicate our power when we let other people do our research for us.