Saturday, January 31, 2015

UVA-Creating a whole generation of victims

So, women, especially sorority women at the University of Virginia are being told that they are such helpless twaits, that they must be ordered to stay home on Saturday nights.  Moreover, they are being told that all men are evil nasty predators that cannot be trusted.  So I wonder a couple of things: 1) are the non-sorority chicks, those who are not of the 'select' and live in dorms, actually self-sufficient or are just not fainting reeds or perhaps are just throwaways to the ruling elite so they don't also have to be ordered to stay home?;  2)  are the sorority chicks actually stupid enough to do so, bowing to the Voice of Authority, and so acquiesce to becoming victims and playing into the Ultimate Sun Tsu Divide and Conquer (creating an 'enemy' that one cannot be without)?. 

All based on a lie in Rolling Stone, that bastion of legitimate reporting.

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