Friday, January 16, 2015

Religious practice versus Respect

I finally got it.  And ironically enough, it was Pope Francis that got whatever synapse firing in my brain.  The whole thing about Charlie Hebdo and free speech.  So here it is and I'm hoping that I can state it clear enough for everyone not in my brain to understand.

It is part of the Muslim religion to not have images of any person.  It is part of their both their orthodoxy and their orthopraxy.  It is only peripherally spelled out in the Koran, which prohibits idolatry.  It was under this orthopraxy that the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas in Afghanistan.

Now the problem with orthopraxy is that suffers from 'mission creep'.  So a ban on idolatry becomes a ban on human images, etc. etc. etc.

So now, Muslims use the publication of images of Mohammad whatever as an excuse to kill people.   And they are saying, and the mainstream media is carrying the meme, that no one should be able to publish pictures of Mohammad.

But here's the kicker.  If someone is not a practicing Muslim, it is not part of their orthopraxy to NOT create pictures or publish pictures of Mohammad.  Buddhist orthopraxy does not prohibit the creation of images of Buddha.  Christian orthopraxy, which also has a ban on idolatry, does not prohibit the creation of images of Jesus. 

So what's going on by all of these people, including the Pope, are saying that no one in the world should create images of Mohammad, is that all of us, by proxy, have to adhere to the orthopraxy of Islam.  Britain is already banning the use of cartoon pigs in children's schoolbooks due to another Islamic orthopraxy.

But guess what, I'm not a Muslim.  I am not going to adhere to their orthopraxy.  I am going to enjoy bacon, keep my head uncovered unless it is cold, and I am going to publish whatever the hell I want.  I am not going to be forced via political correctness to convert by proxy and practice a religion that is not mine. 


The Big Guy said...

Very nice-
Succinct & well put!

I shall be using your arguments later today with some local (Oz) idjits who are taking "respect all religions" to absurd extremes...

Thanks for the ammo-


Old NFO said...

Well said and in complete agreement! :-)