Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DirectTV--Can't say their corporate strategy works for me

Here's a slightly edited version of a letter that I am having to send to DirectTV.  This is a hoop that you have to jump through to cancel an account if you're not already on an account as an authorized user.  Which I can see to a point, but they take it to the next level of stupid. 

PO Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155

To whom this may concern:
Please find enclosed my power of attorney for my father, Midwest Chick's Dad, account number XXXXXXX, address:  parent's address, city, state zip, phone number XXXXXXXXX.

Please add me, Midwest Chick, to this account as an authorized user as soon as possible so that I can cancel this account.  I am told that it can take up to five business days after receipt of this documentation to process.

I am, quite frankly, appalled that I am having to jump through this particular hoop in such a stressful time as my father is having to go into a nursing home, but that it is part of your 'security protocol'.  Because there has to be a plethora of people calling you up with the account number, address, email address, security code, and whatever else you need and are cancelling other people's accounts. 

I find it interesting that the alternative ‘protocol’ would be to have my dad on the phone giving verbal permission for me to handle this account, because yeah, no one would ever just have their husband or a friend stand in for this.  Even if he was on the phone to you, he wouldn’t know the answer to any security questions since he has never handled payments for this bill nor would know anything about it.  Because, nursing home, schmucks.   

Additionally, I find the fact that there is not even an email account or fax number, only a snail mail option, just to make sure that things go as slowly as possible a joke as well.  I do note that it is a PO box as well so I can't send a Fed Ex, only go via USPS.  I hope more people discover your roadblocks to cancellation and start leaving in droves, even if it takes them months to do so.

Please email xxxxxxx, which is the email address already attached to the online account (because I set it up with my dad's permission), when I have been added as an authorized user (although I've been handling it for the last two years) so that I can try to expedite the closure of this account since I am also having to do this long distance.    If you wish to slow down the process further in order to get that one or two more month’s worth of subscriber’s fee, snail mail Midwest Chick, address, city, state, zip.

Bite me,

Midwest Chick

PS.  Please note that this is not to the person who is actually having to do the processing because I'm sure you find it as onerous as I do.  I do hope this makes it up the line a bit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Unworthy thoughts

I am having to deal with a continuation of an issue that is going to cost me all of my vacation and sick time from now until next June.  When I say continuation, I mean pretty much non-stop for the last two-plus years. 

I am at the point where I'd like to be the not-responsible one and say, "Look y'all, I've done my time and have nothing else to give to this clusterfuck of a situation. It has negatively affected my relationship, my health, and my mental well-being.  You figure it out without me."

 Unworthy and human, I know, but man I wish I could be 'that guy' just once.