Friday, November 7, 2014

Complicit media

So the former Fourth Estate here in the US has proven once again that they are merely lapdogs of the government, as long as there's a Dem in power.  The seemingly MIA 'Ebola Czar' has apparently not been so much MIA, but has been working behind the scenes with the MSM to persuade them to stop reporting on possible Ebola cases (and probably Enterovirus D68 as well) because that reporting was making the administration look bad (because the truth hurts) and was influencing the election away from the Dems (because the truth hurts).

So gee, honestly reporting what's going on has as much, or more, of an effect on the American people as the histrionics that will surely appear in January when the calls of an obstructionist Congress will surely begin (has already started).

BTW, has anybody heard what's going on with Kaci Hickox??  Her 21 days are up on Monday but aside from some puff articles from four days ago, haven't heard a peep.

Regardless, the MSM has shown that they cannot be trusted if they are willing to put their ideology in the way of truthful reporting.


Old NFO said...

Ideology and money... THAT is what drives the MSM these days... Not truth in reporting...

Brigid said...

I read the Kaci was moving out of her town in Maine because she wasn't welcome there. Gee, I wonder why?