Monday, July 7, 2014

So, Facebook?!?

I know a lot of folks on Facebook.  I used to have an account but the reports of privacy issues finally got to be too much for me.  And now they have been experimenting on people using their media without knowledge or permission.  But yet most folks I know still maintain their accounts.  Some of my IRL friends only use Facebook for keeping in touch and yes, I've probably missed quite a bit by not keeping a minimal account.

So, question for everyone still using Facebook:  Why, considering the abuses of the management and the political stance of Zuckerberg regarding 'amnesty' which includes flawed and skewed data to bolster his opinion, do you still have an active account and haven't told them to go pound sand??  Is it that convenient or that useful that these egregious abuses can be overlooked?  Or that you feel that your little account isn't important enough for anyone to look at or use?

I really am trying to understand so any help would be appreciated!


eiaftinfo said...

MMMmmmm - well . . . I use it for it's convenience. Good was to see grandkid photos, catch up with old/new chums, its. As for Facebook experimenting on people . . . just don't feel that malleable.

As for Zuckerberg's political stances - no worse that the folks at google - the host of blogspot.

I don't believe they have as much sway with folks as they'd like to think. The MSM has much more IMHO.

Just has not hit enough of my personal buttons to jump ship yet . . . may come, but not yet.

Old NFO said...

On it maybe once a month... and sadly +1 on Bill's comment...

Midwest Chick said...

Bill: Good points, especially on the blogspot thing. You have given me food for thought.

NFO: That's how I felt until I reached my own personal line. Do feel that I'm missing things, but still dealable.

Anonymous said...

do you still have an active account and haven't told them to go pound sand??

For the same reason I still use any service (name one that doesn't have at least one policy you disagree with) -- because it provides me with access/service/outlet that I feel is warranted.

Most folks aren't on G+, MySpace is gone, Kazaa, etc.
I don't pay for the service, I share very little on it, and I definitely watch what ads I click on. So, why not use their service to keep up with friends and family. Why not use their service to put up a few posts that gets a rise out of the antis?