Thursday, July 3, 2014

Embodying bravery

Via Irons in the Fire (Elmtree Forge) I present to you Corporal Dipprasad Pun, a 31 year old Gurkha deployed to Afghanistan, who just received the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross from the Queen of England.  

For what was probably either a very long or very short fifteen minute span, he single-handedly held off Taliban fighters he caught trying to blow up the front gate at his outpost.  

Under fire from rocket propelled grenades and AKs, he launched the following at the enemy:  
  • 250 general purpose machine gun rounds; 
  • 180 SA80 rounds; 
  • six phosphorus grenades; 
  • six normal grenades; 
  • five underslung grenade launcher rounds; 
  • one Claymore mine; 
  • one machine gun tripod.

For whatever reason, he did not have his Kukri with him so it was the one weapon or improvised weapon he did not deploy (he even tried to use a sandbag but it wasn't tied properly so the sand fell out).  He also saved the lives of three others at the outpost by his actions. 


Murphy's Law said...

Anyone who can use a machine gun tripod as an offensive weapon is a supreme bad-ass; I can't even fold one up under normal non-combat conditions without pinching my hand in it.

Old NFO said...

Unarmed they are STILL some of the most dangerous fighters in the world...

Anonymous said...

The word overkill might apply in most situations, but not this one!

Bravo Zulu!

...and Happy Independence Day!