Sunday, June 29, 2014

There is an old saying....

 Nicki over at Liberty Zone points out the twittering of females regarding some gun-running murderous thug, who happens to have high cheekbones and blue eyes.  These twatwaffles (a term I'm adding to my lexicon, thanks Nicki!) are oohing and aaahing and are actually, publicly, making statements such as "he could rape me anytime" (if one is willing, is it rape, really--can't rape the willing, as the old saying goes?). 

The term rape has become a watchword of the feminists.  It is used to demonize men on college campuses.  It has become conflated with the definition of an assignation that maybe in the morning you wish you didn't have. 

Rape, real rape, is an ugly thing.  It is not something from an erotic novel where the handsome older man or young rogue ties you down and has his way with you.  Real rape is without consent, without power, without being willing.  There is no gentleness, no softening, no happy ending.  It is the essence of asserting power over someone using violence or trickery.  It is predatory deviance.   It is someone using your body without your permission in the most violent and intimate way imaginable.

These twittering little fluff balls would be the first to cry 'rape' should some stranger, handsome or not, grab their ass, look at them funny, or say something harsh to them.   They would be the first to cry victim.  But yet they probably also think of themselves as feminists or strong women.  They aren't even honest enough with themselves to say 'Hey, I'd bed him, even if he is a gunrunning murderous thug.' No, he'd have to 'rape' them and they are under the illusion that they'd like it because he has good cheekbones.  Wonder what they would tweet if he actually tracked some of them down and made their words a reality?


Brigid said...

In a job place at one point, I had a national union rep, a female, complain during a large meeting with our local employee group about some simple bargaining issue as "being raped" by the other party in the process.

Had she
(1) the slightest inkling of what that sort of violence feels like
(2) any sort of awareness of how insulting that was to the women in the room, at least two of which I knew had been through that degradation. .

she'd have shut up. As it was, it just cost her a couple of union members and any little remnant of respectwe all had for her.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for the honest appraisal of the situation...

og said...

I'm perpetually boggled by the wide range of standards of behavior to which women are supposed to ascribe. And I am pleased to be surrounded by women- yourself, Brigid, the Ogwife, the Oglet- who have proper and dignified behavior